Naturally Cholesterol Reduced & Omega-3 Enriched Deli Meats

Our Meat Products Are Ground Breaking!

We sent samples of our Famous Fritz sausages to Compu-Food Analysis, Inc. in Bellingham, Washington for a comprehensive analysis of their nutritional benefits and as a result, we now know that our meat products are unique.

The Test Results

Analysis showed that our sausage samples had up to 50% less cholesterol than comparable sausages and are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, our sausages have almost the same Omega-3 levels as Coho Salmon while comparable sausages contain no Omega-3 fatty acids whatsoever. (Source: USDA food nutritional report.) 

The following products are made according to our ground-breaking formula:

  • Lyoner Sausage
  • Paprika Lyoner
  • Bierschinken (German Ham Sausage)
  • Hunter's Sausage
  • Bavarian Meat Loaf
  • German Ham Loaf
  • Hunter's Loaf
  • European Wieners
  • Quality Hot Dogs
  • Old-Fashioned German Bratwurst